While storage sounds simple (and it should be) there are several different types of storage providers. Some provide a self storage product where you have your own lock and key, while others may deliver a container of some kind for you to fill up and then they come back and carry it away.

At Mr Mover we have designed our storage product to be as convenient as possible. We come to you with our moving truck, inventory your items and bring them back to our climate controlled warehouse where we safely pad & store them securely. Then when you want your items redelivered, just give us a call and we bring them back to you at your new location, or anywhere else in the State of Florida. As with all storage moves, that does mean a second move, but you have the convenience of your items simply disappearing & then giving us a call when you want them back, with no worries about obtaining a storage facility, locks, pads and the hassle of meeting there for pickup & delivery. We are Storage made easy!

Please give us a call now and let us show you just how convenient our Storage Services are!

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