Let the Professionals at Mr Mover do in only a few hours what may take you all day, or possibly a couple of days packing by yourself. Once everything is packed properly, we will carefully load your items into our truck, your rental truck, pod or whatever you choose to have transport your items. Mr Mover’s pricing and rates are the simplest in the business. We even offer ‘All-Inclusive’ packing services where the packing materials are included right in the rate. How easy is that? We simply show up with the boxes, newsprint & tape you need so you don’t have to worry about a thing! We can even do your Un-Packing at your new place!

Mr Mover is one of the Top-Rated Moving Companies and we are happy to make your stressful Packing job a swift and painless transition to completion. If you are moving Out-of-State or just prefer to rent a truck and drive your items yourself then after packing all of your boxes we can load your truck, container or we can transport your items anywhere in the State of Florida for you if you so choose. It’s just that simple.

Mr Mover is GUARANTEED to NEVER overcharge. We only charge for whatever it is that you need. No worries about feeling taken advantage of and being surprised with higher rates on the day of the move, or paying for more boxes than you need or anything that you don’t use. We can even get you started with 10 Free Boxes if that is all you need, but please ask about this offer prior to scheduling so we will know to have those on the truck for you.

Please give us a call so we can explain just how simple our Packing Services are!

(866) 676-6837